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Early Childhood Education




Play is essential to children’s development. Please do not underestimate this, it is your child’s way of working and learning. Through play children learn about the world around them and how to interact with it. In play

children can discover, explore and try out new ideas. They are able to relax and express their emotions in a socially acceptable way. We are fortunate to have outstanding indoor and outdoor facilities at Kalamunda Primary to cater for the development of every child in our care. Our Nature Play environment is second to none and is much loved by students and our whole school community.



Our priority is to ensure your child feels happy and secure with their first school based experience.  We provide a safe, stimulating and supportive play-based learning environment where your child can progress at their own pace, and grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Kindy is not compulsory but it is a vital cornerstone to the rest of your child’s education. Our program assists the children to:

  • Develop positive relationships with others

  • Develop effective speaking and listening skills

  • Develop the ability to follow instructions

  • Accept personal responsibility

  • Develop independent and co-operative work skills

  • Develop productive work habits for future formal learning

  • Develop awareness and appreciation regarding the values of care, concern, courtesy and co-operation

Kindy Session Times


  • Orange Group: Monday, Thursday and alternate Wednesdays

  • Blue Group: Tuesday, Friday and alternate Wednesdays


Doors open at 8.40am. The session finishes at  3.00 pm 



The Pre-Primary curriculum is one based on the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum. There is a balance of formal and informal experiences using a cross-curricula method to develop the children’s cognitive, physical and social/emotional skills.  Much of this happens through play experiences however, as the year progresses, you will find more formal activities aimed at preparing the children for Year 1. The children will gain control over large and small muscles, learn co-operation with others, use their imagination and creative ability and demonstrate respect for the rights of others. The overall program will have a heavy bias towards language.

Pre-Primary is full time and compulsory. 

Kindy Orientation


Kindy Orientation  is offered as an option for families in our school community to help prepare their Kindy child for the following year.  Details will be finalised and shared with enrolled families in Term 4.

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